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    Custom block, failure to minimize

    Posted 12 Feb 2010

    I'm having problems keeping custom blocks minimized.  If I minimize a block and refresh the page, the block becomes un-minimized.  I'm having this problem w/ all skins installed on the board.  

    I have IPB 3.0.5 w/ uportal 3.0.1 installed on two different webservers, http://www.kconn.net works as it is supposed to, but http://www.tacticaladvantage.com does not.  Both boards were upgraded from 2.3.6 & uportal 2.3 to their current config.  Note that tactical advantage minimizing of the custom blocks functioned when using IPB 2.3.6 & uportal 2.3.

    I have checked settings between the board that works and the board that doesn't and all settings related to sesions and cookies are identical.  I've also tried re-installed uportal.  

    I'm am relatively familiar with PHP and mySQL, but not as familiar with the inner workings of uportal and its interface with IPB.  If you need any further information, please ask.

    On a side note, the news module within uportal seems to be pulling old / random topics and not the most recent.