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Driver Error in 3.2.3

Posted by onlyfor.foren on 20 November 2011 - 01:31 PM

Tahke a look at this.


Any hints?


I get this error and I dont have my calender on but my sql gives me this

Mysql error about a field being missing t.description

oops forgot to tell you what I am trying to do

i keep ticking the Show Latest Threads (Big Version)? to yes

and then it gives me the error

Hey. This has been fixed in Unreal Portal 3.0.3;
The issue is that a fresh install doesn't have description in the topics table, while the old versions of IPB had it, so an upgrade to 3.2 from older versions would work fine. To fix it, open admin/applications_addon/other/uportal/modules_public/uportal/uportal.php and around line 247 find:
t.title_seo, t.description
and replace with:

changed status to: Fixed
changed version to: 3.0.2
changed fixed-in version to: 3.0.3

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