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Mobile skin support 3.0.2 Alpha

Posted by djkonflikt713 on 28 September 2011 - 06:25 PM

There is a big derp on unreal portal for uportal 3.0.2 alpha for ipb 3.2.x it looks like the mobile skin (default) doesn't show the portal or the threads here is an attached image from my android device. (this is also not device or forum specific) for instance I navigated to my site and unreal-solutions.org with my Moto Xoom tab and my HTC glacier, and its the same problem. a fix would be good.


changed status to: Confirmed
changed severity to: 1 - Low

Confirmed. Not really a high priority as it'd be hard to fit all the portal information on a mobile page.

Is there any temporary fix such as a redirect once User agent (android, iOs) hits the mobile skin to directly to a "Lo-Fi" version of just the forums? right now I have the mobile skin completely disabled for this purpose, and since I run a community for mobile devices it would have been great to give a optimized version to those that are not a on 4G/3G network coverage and needs info quickly.

Thanks you have been great Crick.

I would like to request a fix/workaround as well. Thanks. :)

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