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Ayuda con Unreal Portal

Posted by napolion on 14 September 2011 - 09:44 AM

Hi everyone! Good morning. I need help to be able to run Unreal Portal in IPBoard 3.2.2 . From already thank you very much to its creator. If I can help I thank him very much. Greetings and good morning:

The error is this :(

Fatal error: Call to a member function block_start() on a non-object in /home2/napolion/public_html/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/uportal/modules_public/uportal/uportal.php on line 1177

Already thank you very much :rolleyes:

The truth can not be done. If you uninstall or not to do. The truth is that this application is very good.

Not exactly sure what the issue is on your end, as I've never been able to reproduce these errors.
Could be an issue with the skin not being cached. Try logging into the ACP, then "Look & Feel", then "Template Tools", then "Recache Skin Sets". If that doesn't fix it, try uninstalling and re-installing the portal.

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